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Allahu akbar, im lost for words, this whole idea/website/layout is amazing!

Yusuf E

Marriage Seeker

Trusted reviews from our marriage seekers


Yslam G.

Jazakaallah! So far I am enjoying the website. Removes the unnecessary fluff. I can see that prospects are serious. I have exchanged with few Wallis already. InshaAllah, let's see where this leads.


Raza R.

This service is easy to use, the organiser is helpful and understanding. This is the best I have come across so far in my marriage search. Alhamdulillah.


Suleman A.

Just used this for an hour mashallah brilliant service very easy to use can't wait to use for the foreseeable inshallah.


Asma Z.

The Sunni marriage website is easy to use and access, this allows me to look at possible matches effectively and quickly. If any issues do arise, you can always contact the admin who are quick to rectify. 


Muhammad A.

5 star Alhumdullilah I found this web app very useful and easy to use and very helpful with the various filters available. Definitely recommend


Juhi B.

Masha Allah a great idea for genuine marriage proposals. The website is very user friendly and very simple. 


Abu-Huraira I.

I'm really enjoying the app so far. It's a great concept and gives a lot of flexibility with the filters to finding the perfect spouse you're looking for. Also the customer service is outstanding and so generous towards new users. May Allah grant this platform great success. Ameen. 



Mashallah it's a very clean looking interface with the Muslim/Muslimah in mind. They cater for those who are on their spiritual journey and want to look for marriage without the extra fitna that comes with other apps. Great work 💯


Remain H.

Alhamdaullilah the design is very good of the website. The interface is easy to navigate around and the amount of profiles is always growing tabarak allah which is a plus as a user.

100% halaal. Guaranteed.

Let's face it. Finding a spouse is hard 😒

As an ummah we've strayed from the sunnah of finding a spouse. One of the major issues we face is the lack of platforms which truly stick to the shari'a when it comes to matchmaking. Sunni Marriage connects brothers directly to walis and guardians, rather than connecting brothers and sisters directly. We provide a safe platform to find a spouse in a halaal and fun way.

Maximise barakah by starting your matchmaking process in a way which is pleasing to Allah.

Involve walis and guardians from the outset.

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🙌 Effortless usability

Navigating our platform is a breeze. We have designed an intuitive interface that makes your search for a life partner seamless and enjoyable. Spend less time figuring out how it works and more time connecting with compatible matches.

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✨ Unbeatable affordability

No more expensive subscriptions! Enjoy premium features at a fraction of the cost, making your quest for a life partner affordable and accessible.

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Find your match

Completely halal, no free-mixing

Connect brothers directly to walis

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